Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thanks Miss Kath

Sometimes you just need a friend to kick ya behind into gear.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when you look at your own blog and complain to yourself that it isn't updated!

I wish I could say that I have been leading some incredibly exotic / glamourous / hectic / insert-own-word here life, but 'busy' doesn't seem to cut it. You know those responses to people when they ask "what have you been up to?" and you generally reply with an "uummm.... the usual" or "lots" but can never seem to expand further? That's me.

But here are a few tidbits to keep you updated....

I had a decaf high last week. How sad is that? I haven't had a fix of caffiene since March so I've OD on decaf.

Woke up one morning, not so long ago, to this....

Miss Jillian is convinced she is a ballerina. Complete with a home made stage and a sing-it-yourself performance piece. Mind you, one minute we are an ever so graceful ballerina followed shortly by a damsal in distress who needs rescuing by a pirate... Fear not though, as this ballerina come damsal can also give a well place kick to her 11 year old brother when she feels like it too.

We got a new second hand car during the holidays. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Holden's, particularly the Senators, but $80 000 is somewhat out of our price range. We 'compromised' on a 2006 executive. Nice, comfortable, we like it....

While deciding what cheese to buy tonight and being engrossed in the "mmm vintage, oh look camembert, why isn't there a low fat vintage? why does cheese have to taste so good?" a radient Miss Mandy appeared beside me. I do love this girl. She makes me laugh. In her hectic, hectic, hectic life she is always laughing. Oh, and she does tell the best story about being stung by a bee....

I hope you all have something wonderful planned for the weekend. Me... well... I think I hear the beach calling our name.

Love to you all
Briohny xxx