Friday, September 22, 2006


It is that wonderful time of year again. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!! Oh how I love this break. September is the best holiday of all of them... Okay Christmas is pretty darn good too....

Wellington Point has become my new favourite place. I have been going here in the afternoons for a bit of 'get back to nature' kind of time. I love the afternoon sun on my face. Such a nice feeling.

This afternoon I was joined by Mum and Dad, Tony and the kids and got some really lovely shots.

Jillian summed it up beautifully on the way home...

"Mum, this afternoon was a great time".

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Week in Review

New favourite coffee cup...

Had a Selection Criteria due on Thursday for a job I am desperately keen to get (250 positions for an estimated 2000 applicants). Enlisted about 200 hours (no exaggeration!) trying to get the thing finished. Owe many people bottles of wine. Was horrible to my family, snappy at teachers and the poor kiddies in the classroom didn't quite know what hit them. Who was this strange Mrs Cuskelly? We haven't seen her like this before! We are even too scared to sharpen our pencil... I felt sometimes that Darth Vadar's theme was playing as I walked along the halls of G Block. (ssshhh, don't make eye contact with her!)

After I apologised to the 30 Year 8 faces sitting petrified in front of me one very brave soul tempted fate and said "Oh Mrs Cuskelly, it wasn't what you were saying or that you had no patience for our normal behaviour but it was the looks on your face. You kept giving us 'the look'."

It reminds me of the power of the non verbal things we say. The expressions on our face, the way we hold ourselves, our walk, clothes and little mannerisims that tell people far more than words actually could.

Apart from the SC a fairly typical ensued. Teaching, lesson planning, report cards due, marking assessment, phoning parents, 'chasing' waggers, meetings, taught a photography class, grocery shopped, helped with kids homework and assessment, kept Neurofen in business, had dinner with a friend, found a new favourite song (Over my Head, The Fray) and stayed optimistic that the School Holidays are only 5 days away!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Playing Around

Been playing around with some scrapbooking. Bit of a 'show and tell' session below.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Muffin Top

Went into Bra's and Things yesterday in search of some bosom support that did not replicate battle gear. (My dear husband likens my sports bras to war armour) Asked the bra lady if there were any bras that were 'nice' that I could wear under shirts and still have a decent shape.

After trying on a particular style I said "No good, I spill out the sides". Her 20 something respons... "That's what happens when you get old".

After deciding that punching her in the face wasn't the best option (does anyone else have those Ali Mcbeal moments were you visualise something happening to someone but always take the reasonable option???) and asked her "excuse me???" She re-worded her statement and said "Oh, no, that's what happens when you get older". Oh, cause that makes me feel so much better.

After suggesting that perhaps poor fit and not overspill, while a predictor of age, was not the sole cause of my muffin top I tried on another bra and what do you know.... acceptable overspill.