Monday, December 15, 2008

Forgotten Camera

How would you describe a picture on a day when you forgot your camera?

The wind blew gently enough to take the sting out of the midday sun. There was a faint white line through the sky, evidence of a light breath of cloud that had since passed by. The tide was in, so much so, that sitting on the edge of the sand and rock line allowed the waves to tickle at your feet enticing you to bathe in their waters.

A perfect Summer day on the beach has no measure of comparison.

The turquoise waters, made a deeper green in areas by the submerged rocks, complemented the faultless rich blue sky. Fish and chips, family on a picnic rug and the sea gulls tempting fate for a stray chip completed the scene. A spirited 7 year old running through the gulls laughing as she spun her arms around her, face pointed at the sun, is a picture of the simple joys in life.

A glance to the horizon, I think I see a whale's tale breaking the surface. A sense of magic fills me as I witness not a whale's tale but a pod of dolphins playing in the water. They break the surface, putting on a performance with spirit that yells, "Freedom". These are the things that I am grateful for. For living in a beautiful part of our world where we can freely immerse ourselves in natures' gifts.