Sunday, July 30, 2006

Play Time..

Went to Sizzlers this morning for breakfast. Filled up on all things yummy and used it as an excuse to try out my new Canon EOS 350D.

The kids then went into the playground and very kindly provided me with the opportunity to once again 'test' the camera.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I am in love...


Got my new camera last night. Have been having a secret affair with it for about 18 months now. Every shop I got into that had one I would look at it longingly. Pick it up and say ever so wistfully, "one day you will be mine"...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Wake Up Call

How's this? Woke up this morning to my husband groaning and swearing. Here I was lying beside him going "someone is having an interesting dream". I finally, said to him "Are you alright?" "F*@# Hell NO!!!!" My darling cranky husband had dislocated his shoulder in his sleep!

Since we did not know how long it had been like that it was stuck. Soooo we phoned the ambulance and trekked (well not really trekked) to the Redlands hospital. I think by this stage the sun was just coming up.

Anyway he is fine.

Oh, and you are all so not funny. Thanks to the Ambulance people, the doctors, nurses and fellow work mates who all have dirty minds and wondered just what we were up to for that shoulder to dislocate....


Monday, July 10, 2006

Not just for kids

I love kids story books. I get as much enjoyment from reading my favourite kids books as reading novels. The ones above I strongly recommend you read.

The first is an absolute must for EVERYBODY! It is a Dr Seuss book called Oh, The Places You'll Go! See the random thought this week for a small part of it. It is about the ups and downs in life.

The next is a book that is just lovely. Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox is a story about a boy who is trying to find out what a memory is because a lady in the old people's home he visits has 'lost' hers.

The last book is by Graham Base, possibly one of the best author illustrators there is. The book is called Jungle Drums. Accepting differences is the theme.

So, take the time from your busy adult lives and grab a children's book to read. I think, you will be pleasantly suprised by some of the stories, and lessons, that are on those pages.

Simple to Complex



Doing a Simple to Complex class at Paper Trenz. Soooo obviously I had to do a 'simple' layout and a 'complex' layout to show what I was on about. (Note - thanks Kath for your efforts. How good are you getting?????!!!!!)

Well, certainly is trickier than it looks. First I had troubles with what actually defines a 'simple' page. Is it lots of white space, a single photo, single layer, minimal paper or card stock, nothing lumpy or bumpy???? Anyway, I completed a simple page in the vain hope that it is actually simple. I found the complex page easier to do.

I set you all a challenge to give a simple and a complex page a go and see how you do and what you come up with. Would love to see the results...


Back to work today (blugh). This is an 11 week term and a huge one at that. As I don't have anything exceptionally interesting or thought provoking to post I thought I may share bits of randomness from my life right now...

1. My favourite song at the moment is The Beautiful Girls - Take the Long Way Home. Very cool, very folky. If you like Jack Johnson (hello so hot) you will love this song. Private School Kid by Sarah Mcleod is a great song to turn up loud in the car and have a rock chick sing along with. Bob Evans sings a new song called Don't you Think It's time. Again it has that folky sound. Actually the drive home from the beach on a summer afternoon with the windows down, the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. Lovin it too...

2. I miss summer.... Anything below 20 degrees is toooo cold!

3. Joshua is going through a massive growth spurt. 4 Weet Bix for breakfast, a 12 inch subway sub, a sausage roll and Lasagne for dinner. Not to mention the grazing through the day. He is going to be tall my young Josh.

4. Can't shake the craving for Arnotts cream biscuits (Monte Carlos, Kingstons mmmmmmm) and Icecream.

5. Miss Jilly has slept 10 nights continually in her own bed. This is huge for us. She has not done this since she was a baby. Mind you the stickers and bribing have certainly helped.

6. I like all my friends very much :) You guys help get rid of my pessism and negativity that seems to manifest towards the end of term. You keep me focussed and positive. THANK YOU. Do you think it has anything to do with dealing with 150 teenagers a day that may drive me a tad nutty? Bless the lovelies (Miss F, in case you are reading there are always some exceptions!!!!). There are some delightful ones who dead set remind me of why I am teaching.

7. Dad is winning our 'First to Coffs' race :(

Good night to you all xxx

Friday, July 07, 2006

Just Lovely

I got myself a new set of oracle tarot cards and they are just lovely.... It is a much simpler or more modern version of the traditional tarot. The pictures are glorious and so deep in colour I just can't stop looking at them.

This is the first spread I did for myself. It is simply the past (left card), present (middle card) and future (right card) spread.

For my friends with not so clean minds, the bondage card is nothing sexual so get your minds out of the gutters. It simply means that I am being restrained or bound by something and until those restraints are broken then I will not be able to move foward.

Anyway... like I was saying, I just love these cards.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Something a Little Different

I am into handwriting on my pages at the moment. It would be super to have handwriting like Ali or Heidi or even my friend Kim. That is what 4 years of scribbling down notes at unit and then scrawling on a chalk board does to you. I enjoyed creating this page. It has been some time since I had 'fun' making a page. I hope you all like it as much as I do.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

oh no!

Layout completed June 30.06

My Laptop is dying. It is making noises that resemble a race track. I actually thought it was Joshua's Xbox game until I realised it was my computer... What the??? It keeps shutting itself down and then coming up with this horrible message about something.

Anyway, I phoned Harvey Norman today as it is still under warranty and they said it will take 4 weeks to send it away and repair it. Again I say OH NO!!! It is working at the moment and I have dilluded myself into thinking that maybe I fixed the problem and it will be okay. Tony rekons I am pushing my luck and should just take it in to be fixed, wait patiently, pick it up and all will be good. I am sooooo not a patient person.

So I will do what I can tonight and decide tomorrow on the fate of my hp pal.
A special note to my little angel friend...
The soul would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears.
Thinking of you and sending you big hugs, hot cups of peppermint tea your way. xxx