Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day in the Life of Rachel Richter

Well, not exactly a day in Rach's life but wholy dooly a taste was enough. My cousin, Megan, got married today. She looked absolutely stunning in her Lisa Ho dress. Thing is, I was designate 'family' photographer for the day.

You know how it is, nana and the kids, nana and the grandkids, the cousins, the brothers and the sisters, all the girls, all the boys, the oldest boys from each group, the generation of women. All lovely memories I have no doubt, but after "move left", "stop talking", "stand here", "no you can't just duck over there", I was exhausted.

I was informed by my most helpful husband that perhaps it was more stressful than the professional photographer's job as it was my family who were the subjects not some random strangers.

Some smart cookie happened to suggest (noting the absence of one uncle and his family) that perhaps we get some photos at Christmas.... my reply? Sure, sounds great, I just happen to know this amazing photographer, her name is Rachel Richter....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Senses Overload

Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some
potent power to make us
think things we like to think.
Robert Henri
A day that started out 'nice' turned into fabulous by lunch time. You know those places you're at where everything and everyone seems to fit perfectly right into that moment in time?
I finished my conference Saturday lunch time. Met Tony at Pacific Fair and had a divinely made cup of tea, not too hot, too strong not too milky, just perfect. Strolled across to Broadbeach and meandered along the beach to Surfers. Lots of people on the beach just hanging out, some swimming, some playing cricket, some just enjoying being outside, lots to see, feel and smell.
Strolled through Surfers, picked out a new toe ring, walked back along to beach to Broadbeach where there was a blues concert playing at the surf club. Just awesome music to be sitting on the beach at sunset listening to. The only thing missing was a glass of champagne and some candles for the sand.
It was just an all round great day. I love the beach, I love the colour of the water at sunset, the always happy people hanging out, the sand on my feet. Just wanted to sit, soak it all up and store it in my memory forever.
Anyway.... Miss Rach (thanks lovey) has tagged me
1. Four of my favourite jobs
I'm taking this one as four favourite jobs that I would love to have, considering, my previous employments either send me into a state of mild panic reaching for some dark corner to hide in. So my four favourite jobs would have to be working on Getaway, teaching in Fiji international school, Author and teaching (yes, my current job which I love).
2. Four of my favourite local places
Ok, so see introduction to this post.... the beach, Southbank (great minds hey Rach), my home, Wellington Point
3. Four of my favourite foods
Oh gawd! Just 4????? I LOVE food... A well cooked steak with beer battered chips and a Corona, Thai, Caesar Salad, Fresh Tropical Fruit Salad (all exquisite fruits, no apples or grapes please!)
4. Four of my favourite international places
This is places that one day i WILL go to. Bali, Tibet, Kruger National Park, Milford Sound, Canada, Thailand, Mexico, Bora Bora, Machu Picchu, Dubai, Too many amazing places to see....
5. Four name's of people I am tagging
oh and that's it.
Thanks Rach

Friday, May 04, 2007

Dirty Little Buggers

I love the bright citrus colours that are around. Another photo taken by the very talented and wonderful Miss Rach.

One of those hugely huge weeks has come to a close. Got to love long weekends.

So as I am typing this I am looking through my new glasses. Yes, glasses. No longer feel like a turtle sticking my neck out trying to read the computer screen. Mind you I think the most amusing thing is how I have been deleting photos from the camera and the computer on the assumption that they were blurry! Nice one.
Putting shoes away last night, could hear this crinkling chattering sound coming from the wall.... TERMITES!!!!! So in answer to Miss M's question, YES WE STILL HAVE THEM!!!! Rudeness.... So I stuck my ear against the skirting boards feeling completely helpless as they happily filled their stomachs with our cupboard. GGRRRRRRR.....

Kath (love her) and I decided to scraplift a page from Ali's book. This is an old photo which I love. Taken at my birthday last year. P.S. I think my husband is lookin spunky. So Kath if you are reading this, time to share share your LO.

And the toothfairy has visited again...

Have a happy, sunny and lovely long weekend.