Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Day He'll Never Forget

I think spewing at your new high school on the first day of school is something you won't forget quickly.

So began Joshua's first day of year 8.

He was mortified that that could happen before morning tea. I told him it could be worse, he could've spewed in front of everyone on a whole school assembly and be known as 'spew boy' for a very very long time, but instead he saved it for the sick bay ladies.

As if being a 13 year old boy isn't awkward enough.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Aussie Talent

You may have to look at the items contained in this link a few times - just to be sure.

For me it's Hugh Jackman all the way. After seeing him in Swordfish he became my secret boyfriend. (note - if you haven't seen Swordfish go do it NOW! John Travolta, Halle Berry, Hugh baby. Hot hot hot cast)

Happy dreams

B x

Saturday, January 03, 2009

More Than Words

Yr 7 Camp - Great Keppel Island 2008

Picking a word for 2009 is not an easy task. It takes thought and discussion with a trusted few to be satisfied with a word that has to last a whole 12 months.

I have to pick a word that is not too conceited, needs explaining, is vague or too easy to change the definition of.

Why is it that a word that is suppose to define us is defined by what others may think or suggest?

My husband had no trouble. With minimal thought he promptly responed to my question with, "Done". To finish those unfinished jobs and be able to say "Done". He thinks me asking him has something been achieved to which he can proudly respond "Done" to is going to be a good thing. Great thing I say!

Me, well I toyed with a few words, 'calm', too meditative, 'control', too bossy, 'just do it', too cliche. In the end it took a clairvoyant girlfriend of mine to say "No, Briohny, your word for 2009 is going to be strength". So strength it is. I like it. Strength to say and do what my heart is guiding me to do. To be bold and resolute in my actions, to be strong in character and will, to be physically and mentally able.

And, to finally lose, and not find, those 20 kilos that have decided to be an unwanted companion.

What word is going to define you for 2009?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

I did have some very crappy photos to attach to this post, however, I decided not to question your thoughts about whether you need glasses or not - blurry fireworks and blurry night city scapes are not a good thing to be looking at.

We went to Narrowneck, walked on the beach, went for a dusk swim (SCARY STUFF!!!!) and watched fireworks. I hope your new years was as peaceful and content as ours was.

We wish for you that your days are filled with good fortune, love and happiness.

Love to you all
Briohny, Tony, Joshua and Jillian