Sunday, January 29, 2012

PL 2011 - Be gone with you!

After spending last night hastily trying to finish PL 2011 I became aware that this supposedly precious memory keeper had turned into a school assignment. One that I was trying to hastily finish for the next day. The Journalling was bland and scarce and ephemera was 'shoved' in wherever it would fit. My project life had become nothing more than an 'olden-day' photo album...sigh :(

Then I became disappointed; this is not what this project is suppose to be about - record keeping because you have to. Each year I say I'm not doing PL again, but there is something about those perfectly cut cards that I just can't resist. Darn my stationery addiction!

With the December pile of goodies sitting ready to be completed today, I'm trying to be less concerned with getting PL 2012 started. But, January is nearly over and I haven't even begun. The OCD is kicking in... This would be a good place to insert my 2012 phrase, 'let go'!

Where does time go? Or are we so busy with life that recording it becomes secondary? Should I really be worried, or should I worry more if I was up to date and my PL looked perfect? Would this be a reflection that I'm documenting more and living less?