Saturday, September 27, 2008

Balance is More Than a Set of Scales

Life is all about balance. I’m not talking about the work-and-family-doing-everything-not-enough-time kind of balance. I’m talking about the universal balances of day and night, good and bad, earth and water; the Yin and Yang of life. The balance that when unbalanced makes you feel all jittery or impatient or agitated or snappy or out of sorts or all of them all at once in one big knotted ball of tangled wool and cotton and dry grass. The kind of imbalances that make you want to cry and yell at the same time but neither the tears or the noise will come.

I think we are all guilty at some stage of acknowledging but not addressing these inner balances that are such a necessity for long term functioning (and peace of mind).
After a little reminder, I went to a wonderfully intuitive girlfriend’s house who reminded me that the passionate, career, fire in my belly side needs balancing with the soft, sensitive side. That when one dominates the other great imbalances occur in all areas of our life... Energy flows where attention goes... hhhmmmm, I must remember that mantra.
I have had no desire to scrapbook, photograph, paint, sew or anything else that may stimulate that 'other side'. To be honest, the very thought of doing any of these things made my stomach nauseated, and too a degree inexplicably agitated. It was a case of finding every excuse to not balance my imbalances. Not enough time, what's the point, too much work to do, house is a mess, tellie is more interesting (sounding familiar to anyone else?).

I then became afraid, afraid of being creative.

I swallowed the growing ball of I don't know what that was continually ping ponging around inside and woke the creative goddess within from her slumber.

Here's what she produced....
An elephant painting for mum
A thank you present for Izzy

It is ok...

Art Journal

Ironic that the place that can make me harsh is the place where I find the trigger for my wake up call. On the last day of term we have something called ACE day. It's a time for kids, who have remained on a behaviour level of zero all term to be rewarded for their good behaviour. The teachers each decide on an activity ranging from music to sport to art, to anything they basically want. The kids then pick three activities. My favourite this time around was a teacher who decided to let the kids loose with boxes of coloured chalk on the school cement pathways.

It spoke to my slumbering unbalanced inner counterpart.

We had rainbows and robots, peace signs and love hearts, noughts and crosses and smiley faces. There were messages of love and friendship and lots of laughter and conversations.

Such simply simple joy.I think there should be more of it at school.

I have painted myself a little reminder that sits in the dining room near my work space. Next to my computer table is my art table covered with paints and stamps and brushes. A nice reminder about balance.

I believe I can be balanced, I believe I can work and play, I believe I have friends who care and a family who loves. I believe in love and the warm Spring sun on my face.

I also need to acknowledge this girl, who although is a complete stranger to me, keeps my artistic light shining.

Thank you for reading....
b xxx