Sunday, February 25, 2007

Computer Woes

I miss my computer (sigh....) Materialistic I know. I'm way behind on my weekly challenge cards, there are no photos to play around with, no software to upload photos with, pictures to scan or documents to print. There is no school work that I can access quickly, no place to save any work, hence why there is a photo from google images pasted above. How nice would it be to be there....
On a what-i-do-have note. I must say that I am still immensily enjoying work. There are regular challenges and working with the little kids still proves to be very different from the teens. I had a year 6 class last week and got a tinge of i-miss-this.
Love to you all

Thursday, February 15, 2007

All Growing Up.

It was with a tinge (well okay a great big giant gulp) of sadness that I swallowed my protective mother side and tried to be a supportive objective mum.

Josh came home today and asked for a 'private' conversation in his room. After he shut the door, I thought "oh God, we are going to have the penis-is-changing-pubic-hair talk". Instead
I got a "I got asked out by a girl today and I don't know what to say" problem.

Do you know what his response was? "I will get back to you tomorrow, after I check with mum" That a boy! After a discussion about what he wants to do and not do, and the no kissing or hand holding (hey, he is only 11) speal from me, he came to a well thought out decision and response. One that as mum I am very proud of and as a girl I think is a great answer.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Catch Up

Yes, yes, yes, I know I have neglected the blog for sometime. Yet again, my computer is visiting Harvey Norman to be repaired (gggrrrr...). So I have managed to ascond a Tony's computer to update bits and pieces.

Firstly I love my new job and my new school. Despite being hugely busy I am having a great time being busy. So far I have taught year 3 and 4. I was petrified this morning as I now have a year 3 class three times a week and oh my gosh they are so small and jittery. Give me a room full of teenagers any day!!!! I did enjoy myself at the end of it however, my behaviour management does need reviewing.

Jillian has settled in like a dream, informing me that I don't need to walk her to her room any more. She has a wonderful teacher. Her favourite part of the day? "Lunch time where I chase the boys, but don't worry mum, it's only tiggy". (OMG!!!!!) Jillian's vocab has changed somewhat. She has discovered words like 'wonderful', 'gorgeous', 'fabulous'. So for the past week we have been hearing, "Today is going to be a wonderful day". "Mum, you look fabulous", "That top is just gorgeous". How wonderful to have such optimism.

Josh has had a little rougher beginning to the year. Always harder when you are a bit older. He has made some friends and is enjoying school thoroughly. As per Jilly, he has a great teacher who has certainly helped in classroom and playground ethics.

Haven't been doing anywhere near as much scrapping as I would like. The page above is another Aussie Dare challenge. I lifted it from an Elsie sketch that is on her blog.
Had a photo shoot with Rachey Richter (see links on right) on the weekend. I know she will work magic on our photos, despite the lack of cooperation from Jillian and Joshua. Tony said next time we have a family shoot, the kids can stay with mum and him and I will just go. Kind of defeats the purpose honey....