Sunday, January 30, 2011

After a particularly challenging week at work (Yes, I know it was only the first week of the school year!) to which I felt every emotional possible, to which left me in desperate need of another holiday, to which on Thursday evening when I felt I had resolved the issue personally and professionally, this is what was sitting in my inbox;

It wasn't ever supposed to hurt, Briohny. You weren't ever supposed to cry. And I never dreamed you'd sometimes feel so helpless.

Yet, as things have turned out, lots of folks have trouble getting out of bed on cold, dark mornings.

Anyhow, Briohny, should there also be the occasional pain, tear, or touch of sadness beyond that, please realise these were anticipated, bargained for, and even sought after. As each would illuminate your resiliency, prove your strength, and help you blast through every flimsy notion that would otherwise keep you from seeing that even now I hold you in the palm of my hand and that all things are possible.

Such a deal,
The Universe

So timely
So apt
So needed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I can multi-task. In fact I prefer to multi-task. It's just at times all those spinning plates lose momentum and balance and crash to the ground. When this happens, my multi-tasking skills turn to moosh and I end up with half completed but ever growing to-do lists, incomplete jobs and a messy office.

In an attempt to avoid this ineffective 'multi-tasking' the new word on the canvas is 'one thing'. It's a pretty in-your-face reminder to focus on the one thing that I should be working on. Forget the moments of 'must remember to do that' that pop into your day - that's what post-it notes are for. Granted my office may end up looking like this

But, the goal is, by staying focused on the 'one thing' that is occuping my mind and my time in that moment I should be able to highlight more off the list to be done, be less stressed and 'nicer' to be around!

I am hoping that 'one thing' will lead to 'many things'.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Impromptuness Should Be Mandatory

I want more nights like tonight.

Josh returned from visiting Kellie and Phill in Newcastle and Jillian had come back from a couple of nights sleep over at Nana and Grandad's. Don't get me wrong, Tony and I got very use to just the two of us in the house very quickly, now that I think of it, it was very easy to slip into having no kids around routine.

Jillian asked to play a game before bed, Smarty Pants on the Wii was selected and whilst these events were pretty non descript I thought this would be a great opportunity to get my one family photo for January.

I placed the self timer on the camera, set it up on the shelf and let it do it's thing. What I was expecting to be a brief 30 second photo while the family were distracted turned into an impromptu photo shoot with Jillian and Joshua being the stars.

I love simple moments like this. This is what we will remember.

I love how Jillian and Josh didn't fight.

I love how Tony sat on the outside pretending to not be part of it with the faintest little smile on his gorgeous face.

I love how Josh played up to the camera.

I love, love, love how Josh took the camera, zoomed in and set up three photos.

This never happens and I want more nights like tonight.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Blank Canvas

I thought I knew what I wanted to create on my sparkling white new canvas; a series of handwritten and stamped words that relate to 'family'. Words like 'grow', 'time', 'joy' and so on would be graphically imprinted into a lovely geometrically designed canvas. My little shadow at the moment, a.k.a Jillian, created her own mini version. I got as far as my third word before I set the stamps down to help her complete her canvassed vision. Her idea is much cooler than mine and looks awesome.

Since painting over my words I now have a black canvas to start a fresh with.

Is it coincidental that today is New Year's Day and as the 1st January draws to a close I am staring at a clean slate (so to speak)? I though that maybe I could stamp a quote on it that beams at me, God like from above the computer. Now I'm thinking that I might leave it black and blank as a reminder that it is a new year and a clean slate. Maybe I might stamp a word on it as achievements and accomplishments are reached this year. Consider it a variation on Ali Edwards 'one word' for the year.

I think my first word will be fresh. As in fresh coat of paint, fresh New Year, fresh, start at work, fresh to begin training again, fresh food and fresh ideas.