Saturday, August 20, 2011

4 people 12 times - July

We are over half way for 2011 and the 4 people 12 times project is still going.

It's been a while but I thought I'd share July.

July - where did it go?

I know I remember getting my hair cut and coloured with Julie, I know that Tony went on his surf trip with the boys. I know the cats continued to drive me crazy at night with the hissing and fighting, I know that I ventured further with my art journal, I know that Joshua got a report card that we are very happy with, I know that Jillian is continuing to have some issues at school but she is working through these better than at her previous school.

I know that I'm not scrapbooking as much as I'd like to be and there is the 21 Secret online art course that I haven't had time to delve in to. I know this because I know the deadlines at work are continuing to bear down on us with all the weight of the end of the world (dramatic, I know).

I know that Tenielle and I met in a park and trained hard. I know that we will be sore. I know this is a good thing. I know that Jillian and I had brunch in a park and that I bought her some ankle high Hannah boots, silver glitter and Velcro included. I know that she LOVES them.

I know that Astra continues to grow, I know that she is very cute and has begun smiling.

I know I spent too much money and ordered some delicious art supplies from overseas. I know that these will bring me much joy and I know they will last over time. I know art therapy is good for my soul and nurturing my hard arse side.

I know that Tony had a disappointing football season. I know that this year, football for both Joshua and Tony has come to an end, I know that Jillian and I are happy about this, I know the boys are not. I know that Tony will return to football next year with more vengeance as a result of the disaster of the 2011 season. I know I wouldn't want to be playing against him. I know he is not ready to retire from football regardless of injury, age or cost of strapping tape each week.

I know that Dasha Cat is getting older as she becomes more possessive of her spaces, I know that she has decided the art room is her little spot when I'm in here - this is nice. I know she thinks the lamp over the art table is her personal heat lamp and the green cutting mat is just for her. I know I hope I have a nice, warm spot to relax when I am older.

I know our morning routine of hot drinks in thermos ready for the car is a little memory that we will all have and one of the many little threads of life that binds us together as a family.

I know that when I was home one day there was a big freakin lizard on the outside wall near my door and I know that it scared me half to death. I know I don't know where the lizard now is. I know I'm still freakin out about this. I know I'm driving everyone crazy with my incessant "shut the door!"

I know that Skyla left to go overseas for a very long time and this made Jillian very sad. I know there was little I could do to make her feel better.

I know that I spent a good hour and a half making rice paper rolls and I know these were devoured within 10 minutes. I know for certain they tasted great because the kids kept telling me that this is now a family food favourite and when will I be making them again. I know that this won't be happening again soon.

I now know that when I don't think much happens in our daily life I know that I am wrong.

I know the little things matter.