Saturday, August 25, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Josh - "Can I push the trolley down the escalator"
Me - "No mate, it's full of groceries"
Josh - "How am I suppose to help you if you won't let me?"
Me - "I know you want to help, but trollies and escalators are not the best things together"
Josh - "I learn by doing and by you not letting me do, I am not going to learn".

Anyone have a 'come back' for that one?

We defrosted the freezer today and ended up with a superbly large pile of shaved ice. Jillian proceeded to take it out the front and throw it up in the air whislt dancing around saying "It's snowing! Wooo Hooooo! It's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing".

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boards and Bathers

So someone got a new surfboard.... any ideas just who that may be????
It is an 8ft bright blue Mal. The one condition was that at Christmas when we go camping again that the boy teaches me how to surf. That is, if I can get the kids off it....

Which leads me to this picture of Jillian....
It was a particularly warm Sunday not too long ago so we ventured down the coast for a bask in the sunshine. The tide was out leaving a beach pool in its wake. How nice would it be to be so nonchalant about the world that you could lie on your belly gazing out over the waves, pondering all sorts of titbit's.

On a another tangent, I have been 'crafting' rather than scrapping. Nana has been commenting, quite regularly, how all we do is "send her photos on email and that she doesn't have any real photos to look at or show people". So, I scrapjacked this idea from Miss Debbie, at Scrapbook Princess, and made a photo tin for nana, filled it with photos from all the aunts, uncles, neices, nephews, kids, grandkids, family friends and what not.

Finally, finished editing all of Megan and Matt's wedding photos (that's Simon, her brother, by the way, not Matt)
and had them ready to send off. Me being a tad bit OCD, had to make something 'pretty' to send the photos and disc off in. So here's what I came up with.
It is a felt bag made specially for 5x7 photos. Rather cute I think....
And since I have more goodies I'd like to share with you, I'll just save 'em up for future posts.
Enjoy the beautiful rain
Briohny xxx

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kath is my motivation

I think 'incredibly slack' does no justice for how neglectful of my blog I have actually been. I don't even have some great holiday story, family visiting or other misadventure to share. In fact I have been doing bugger all and therefore, have bugger all to share. Well, not completely true, I could ravel (according to 12 year olds that is a word) on about curriculum and all things school. Terribly riveting for you I know. This actually would show how lame I am in my passion for curriculum. Hey, I said it was lame.

So in an attempt to 'kick start' my post I am going to answer Kath's post about being tagged. Now, just to dictate to you how lazy I am being I'm going to steal her headings and not even come up with my own random facts.

1. Housework - LOATHE housework!!!!! All of it! There isn't even one teeny weeny thing that I can say I "don't mind" doing. This includes all those incidental jobs like making kids lunches, changing the toilet paper roll, getting petrol. Mind you I LOVE grocery shopping.... without anyone.

2. I have just finished reading "The Fall of Troy" by Colleen McCullough. Top book that one. I love the whole ancient Greek Roman history novels. A superb read for anyone else who likes this genre is the Sara Douglass 'Troy Game' series.

3. Okay so I'm not taking adult ballet lessons like Princess Kath, but I would like to take tennis and piano lessons.

4. I love my job that I got this year. Love it, love it, love it.

5. I love cooking. In fact I wish I had one of those divine inside / outside kitchens that would allow me to pour over glossy paged cook books and experiment to my heart's content

6. Christmas - take it or leave it. Love the holidays, can't get enough of the sun, beach, hanging out and all the fantastic outdoor things that you can do. But I'm not into the whole 'Christmas' thing. Take us camping for that break and that is all we need.

7. Turtles are my favourite animals and big dog puppies. You know the Labradors, shepherds, rottis all as babes.

8. Hair.... would like a magic wand where I could go between short and long hair. Like my new short do but miss the long hair.

Are you still with me? For those of you who have persisted through the meanderings, thank you. I will endeavour to get my slack behind into this blog more often.