Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pigs are Pigs... and there are chickens too

Pigs are Pigs...
This is a book Jillian brought home from the library. Couldn't decide whether it was sending a good message or not. By the end of the book, I had to giggle as I empathised with the Pig. Basically the story follows a weight loss journey of a pig. He goes to a gym but gets scared off by all the fit gym bunnies and the overcrowded sweaty aerobics room. He then reflects and rationalises that some very important people aka Sumo Wrestlers are 'fat'. At that point he decides that he is going to stay just the way he is - see the bottom photo. Hilarious I tell ya!

And then there are chickens....
Jillian came home last weekend from a friends house with these!!!!!!
Between the two cats and two dogs that we currently have we had to say a firm "No". We are not becomming Noah's Ark. One of the teachers at school 'adopted' them. So tute, so fluffy, so tasty for the cats who continued to prowl the cage we had them in....

New traditions....
Every morning Tony and I have taken to having our morning coffee out the front sitting in the gutter. Watching people pass us by with their dogs, listening to the birds, watching the sky change as the sun says hello and then there is us, me in my nightie and hair a fright (giggle) and Tony in his grandpa pants and slippers!!!! It has become our quiet time before the chaos begins.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


3 Weeks til the holidays YEAAAHHHHAAAAA!!!!! Oh, and for my little Miss M who is missing Miss NZ in gym crime, she will be back soon all loved up and ready to take on the tready. Special thanks to Rach Richter for another fabulous lot of photos. Want to share one here. The one above is by far one of my favourites. You girls are great.

Note to self and everyone else, make sure enough 'h's and 't's are supplied before buying 3 packs of Basic Grey Sticker letters!

How good would it be to be able to scrapbook all day whenever you wanted? I look at my ever growing pile of projects that I would love to be able to do and say a big fat "Doh!". So much wonderful inspiration and ideas around and I want to do every single one.

Peace Across Generations

Miss Jilly decided that we should paint a canvas together. So we got all Peacey and painted little squares with peace signs and swirls. Next step is to paint our names on the peace sign somewhere. I love looking at how the she interpreted the same idea. Man, got to watch the kids watching you to make sure what they are copying is ok. No more hands on the hip feet tapping ranting and raving nut case lady. 'Specially when I hear Jillian and Joshua talking to each other using my words and attitude.

Nearly up to date on Emily's cards. These are so much fun. In the therapy sense. I get all artsy and 'who cares'. Top one is note to self - remember spiritual nurturing, I miss - being fit, Symbols you love - I love the sun and the peace symbol. Not for the concept of world peace and harmony but just that it is a reminder of the importance of peace within. The sun is constant warmth and brightness. The beach one was something you love, love, love and the bottom one is where you find inspiration.

I hope that you are all finding your love and inspiration.

Briohny xxx

Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's back

My computer is back! 6 Weeks later, a new hard drive (again), a new DVD Rom drive and two new USB ports. You think it would've been easier to replace the whole thing don't you????

Oh how much I have missed it.

Thank you to all your well wishes about Grandad. The funeral was Thursday and despite my misgivings about a full requiem mass, the ceremony truly was beautiful. The family went back to Nanas house for some afternoon tea and dinner. That, I think was the best part, the kids outside playing back yard cricket and us all inside drinking, reminicing, laughing, sharing and just hanging out together.

So around here things have been crazy as usual. The weekends are spent playing cricket across in the park, painting on whatever we can find or drawing hop skotch on the driveway...
Four weeks til Easter. Looking foward to catching up on some much needed scrapping time. Gawd! So far behind in Emily's cards!
Love to you all

Sunday, March 11, 2007


This week has been all about contrasts. Things like the red wine that tastes so damn fine with the dark chocolate but is so bad for your waist line, the time you yell at your kids for yelling at each other and then you realise how modelled behaviour really does work, the fights you have with your partner about sharing the load but you don't know what load it is you want them to share.

I think my biggest contrast this week was the passing of my grandfather. Nana asked me to make a scrapbooking collage (think poster size) that has all the family in it so she could put it in grandad's room at the nursing home. I finished it last weekend, she was going to take it up there today and he dies yesterday.

I managed to find a photo on Tony's computer as mine still is in the Bermuda Triangle of Computer Repairs. This is of Nana and Grandad taken Christmas two years ago.
Love and Light to you all