Monday, October 30, 2006


Even though there is only 28 teaching days left of school it is always the busiest time of year. And so the fun begins.... Speech night, sports awards, year 7 interviews, subject selections, year 8 orientations, crazy rush to get assessment finalised, blah, blah, blah.

It is Monday and I already feel like it is Friday. I am wondering though if the ride I did in the city yesterday has something to do with it or is it the darling 12 year old girls that I have been mothering and ever so gently guiding to be nice to each other that has exhausted me.

Summary of what's going on...
  • Layout above is from a doodle class did at Scrapbook Princess. I think it is very Elsie, but I had fun doodling.
  • Miss Jilly fell out of a tree playing Pirates of the Carribbean on Sunday and now has a black eye and a cut nose to go with her two missing front teeth. Nice look!
  • New favourite song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
  • Turn 30 next week (EEEKKKK)
  • Our puppy is in the pound and we are all very sad :(
  • Spent Saturday with a lovely soul and learnt lots.
  • Got my new Loretta Grayson stamps today and they are lurvely
  • Hello! What's the deal with NCIS??? Is Gibbs gone?
  • Life is good....

Love and happiness to you all

Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Times

Went out with some lovely ladies on the weekend. Had an absolute blast of a time. Said to them that my physio has given me abdominal exercises to do but all I really need is a couple of hours with these girls and those abs get a great workout through laughing. Left Fasta Pasta with sore cheeks, grinning stupidly from having a great time, went home and relaxed in the afternoon storm. Wish every Saturday was like that...

Off to a Student Free Day today for six hours of professional development, have fun with your kiddies. Two weeks of school down, seven to go. (YAY)

Layouts above are two more editions in my 'SHE' album. Got on a bit of a roll with that one. Been neglecting it for some time. The 5 Facts, is a challenge young K set for us at Wittacork.

Bye for a bit
B xxx

P.S. A message for the ladies...M may you NEVER lose your wonderful sense of humor or your ability to make us laugh so god damn hard! G you are gorgeous just the way you are, K it is ok, Cathie will be back, R you are such an inspiration, let that spark continue to guide you.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

What's Going On?

  • First week back at school (can hear all of you going "Thank goodness") DEAD TIRED! 10 WEEKS TO GO
  • Joshua recovering very well from having his Tonsils and Adnoids out (no more blood episodes, my turn to say "thank goodness").
  • Jillian has lost two of her bottom centre teeth and another is loose. Not an attactive look. The Toothfairy is going broke and apparently doesn't pay very much.
  • Tony's annual surf trip with the boys went very well. Safari suits and Gay 80's Athlete clothing were the requirements this year. Very funny. Mind you would love to get a photo of the boys doing their thing on their surf boards.
  • Have a tear in my calf muscle as a result of nerve something-a-ratha. Moral - Costing lots of money to fix!
  • Dad went in a fun run today. Did a PB for 8km and came first in the 51 years+ age group. Such an inspiration.
  • New favourite song is 'Light Surrounding You' by Evermore
  • Added a heap of funny videos to the blog. My favourite ones that always make me smile. There is a great one on cats that I can't seem to track down though.
  • New Layout above

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mind Distraction

A few late nights well spent. I bought a new black pen so had heaps of fun experimenting with journalling. Next venture is to journal onto a photo. I know I have said it before, but, I just LOVE Ali's book. It provides me with such inspiration.


The past three weeks have been somewhat crap. So to make myself feel better I got a haircut.