Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bridges to Cross

One of our family traditions began at the beginning of 2006...and stopped at the end of 2006... only to be re-ignited again in 2008. Kangaroo Point was a place, where at least once a week, our family (mum and dad incuded) would make our way to the river level, exercise and follow it up with a BBQ. In those days I would do the 8k city loop run with a dear friend of mine, hubby and dad would run 12k+ wherever the path would take them and mum would sit and read a book, mind the table and watch the kids, the result was obvious, great fitness, weight loss and happy times.

Today, in an attempt for everyone to 'get back into it', we made our first trek back in. Needless the say things have changed. Mum is 25 kilos lighter (I KNOW! SHE ROCKS!), Dad is still running half marathons (yes, yes he rocks too) and well Tony and I are 10 kilos heavier and substancally less fit.

Do you like how my 50 something year old parents are thinner and fitter than us 30 somethings?

The result was I still held my head up when the Lorna Jane clothed running bunnies 'jogged' passed, I was insipired by the sweaty, well toned men when they ran by and I was proud when my husband met me at the bottom of the Goodwill Bridge.
Happy Running