Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anonymous and Afar

Dear from afar

I think your letter was neither wrong, strange or surreal. At times, for reasons that we can not practically fathom we are guided towards closure or a new opening. However, I'm not sure which this is for you. People come into our lives for a season, reason or lifetime. You my friend I believe are around for a lifetime. Our contact may not be direct or regular but it will at times be present, as you say, in our mindset.

I am grateful that my life has been blessed thus far. I have a loving husband, children who are delightful if not challenging, a career that I enjoy going to work for nearly every day and girlfriends who I would be lost with out. Do you have the same, a life to be grateful for?

My passion for what I believe in has at times been a hinderence rather than a help. It is one of those characteristics that we have as individuals that defines us but needs to be kept in check. That along with my paranoia.

I am filled with a sense of warmth and nostalgia when I read your note. It cheers me to know that I have brought joy to at least one person in this life. If this is the person who I think it is, then you too have given me fond memories that will last.

I hope that 2010 brings you good fortune in all that you desire.