Monday, March 02, 2009

To Do: Blog Entry - Lists

I love lists. I love how they allow me to organise my thoughts and help clear my head. I like being able to break my lists down into what ever categories I want; work / home / days of the week / Saturday mornings.

Inspired by Kath and her 43 things before 44 I've created my own 32 things before I turn 33. Some things may be ambitious. Some things depend on something else in the list happening, some things will allow me to give a little cheer, but most of all, this list will be for me.

1. Attend Kath's tea party. The grown up one. The one with pretty frocks, champagne, lush green grass, whimsical decor and 1940's music playing in the background.

2. Sew a skirt. From scratch. A long one, made in delightful material that can be worn on weekends.

3. Get the termite damage fixed, house painted, gardens landscaped and turn the backyard into a haven complete with Bali hut, rainforest plants and a flowering Frangapani tree. Is it too much to ask for the Green Tree Frogs and running stream?

4. Lose 15 kilograms.... and not find them again.... ever!

5. As a result of losing 15 kilograms, run 15 kilometres, comfortably.

6. Get a tattoo. Only when I lose those 15 kilograms and can run 15 kilometers.

7. Re-organise my cook book into recipes I actually cook, not one's that look gloriously scrumptious in the cook books. These recipes should end up a 'to cook' pile.

8. Fly to Newcastle to reconnect with the friends we haven't seen in a very long time.

9. Re-read the 'Troy Game' series by Sara Douglass.

10. Finish the 'Chronicles of Narnia'

This list, much like life, will evolve, stall, test and hopefully reward.

Love and Laughter to you all

B xxx