Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Real Tea Party

Today was an unexpectedly delightful day. What started out to be a fairly innocuous family baby shower became a sisterhood session involving traditional tea sets, beautifully old English plates, a lace table cloth, home made sponge cake and fresh sandwiches. What was only attended by the girls of the family saw a gathering of grandparents, aunties, nieces, cousins, sisters and daughters. This was followed by a refresh in ma and pa's pool and a couple of glasses of bubbles.

Putting all this delightfulness aside, the best part of the day was without a doubt the trip home. Jilly and I soared, windows down with 'So What' blaring, singing our lungs out and my little Pink rock chick groovin away in the front seat. An absolute 20 minutes of pure, raw, freedom filled joy...priceless...truly priceless...


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Musings on a Saturday

Everday musings have become somewhat of a habit for my daily sanity. I find that they provide me with comfort, amusement or allow me to be retrospective. In particular, nature has provided the most stimulus. The abundance of flowers on a tree, the sound of the rain, the sunlight through branches, the rocks on the beach, the colour of the clouds all have caught my attention more so than normal and for that brief moment it feels like time is slowing down for me to imprint the image in my mind. I am grateful to myself for taking the time and the effort to bother noticing.

Recent musings and moments I am grateful for from all parts of life include;

  • Complete peace whilst painting a canvas with the rain in the background

  • Jillian saying that now she has a 'new' bedroom she thinks she will sleep in there every night.

  • Joshua commenting while Jillian was helping him sort his clean and dirty clothes from his clean clothes drawers that the way to tell whether his socks are dirty or not is how crusty they feel on the soles.

  • Joshua asking if I had mashed white broccoli to go with dinner (it was in fact mashed potato).

  • A three level high retaining wall covered with white flowers from a tree on the top level

  • Beautiful girlfriends who allow me to be honest and challenge my thinking as well as one who produced the most beautiful baby I have ever seen

  • The fact that we are not in North Scotland where currently it is -22 degrees.
  • The video shop has my favourite TV shows to hire, this makes me very happy.
  • A developing garden that I know in time will provide me with my own little piece of paradise to retreat to

  • A healthy family and holidays
  • The photo above of Tony surfing with dolphins

I look forward to 2010 providing our family with many more moments to remember and be grateful for.

B x