Friday, June 29, 2007

Elsie Meets Loretta

I dead set can't get enough of the new Elsie range. Not everyone's cup of tea I know,
but I just adore all of it. It is so divinely easy to use. Hence, I am once again back in my everything Elsie phase. You can't see it above, but the card that looks white above is actually lined grid paper.

The layout below is inspired by the lovely Loretta Grayson. Her work is truly inspirational.

I'm thinking I would like to do a combination of painting and Loretta's style on a big, big, big canvas.

Do you ever wish you could take a snap shot of the pictures in your mind and project them for later viewing? That's me right now.... with my canvas.

I hope you are all enjoying the flowers in your garden of life.
Briohny xxx

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All Caught Up

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I am up to date with Emily's card. WOOO HOOOO. So they aren't in any particular order, that is one advantage of being behind with the get to pick which ones you want to do when.

So for your perusal there is # 23 Right Now, #24 Remember When, # 22 I would like to learn, #18 Nature , #25 Memorable Photo, #16 Others contribute. Actually they aren't too much out of order at all.
In other ramblings round here, Tony is off for his biannual surf trip. This time to Coffs.
Something about 10ft surf in storm swell in the middle of winter....
On that note, I'm off to find the heater and a hot chocolate.
Smiles xxx

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Card Catch-up

So playing catch-up hasn't been as bad as I anticpated it would be. Got stumped on the 'birds' week though.
Birds? What could Emily possibly be thinking? I can't stand birds! What am I going to do? Then in a moment of watching my boyfriend on screen it came to me.... A Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow to be exact. *giggle* he is so scrummy yummy!
Farwell me Hearties....

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Just wanted to share. Had a Nudie ice block and this was on the paddle pop stick. They always have cool messages. this one I just could not resist.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Full Time Work and the Pursuit of a Clean House

Tell me, does the above heading ever actually occur? Feel free to insert your own beginning in there, i.e. Kids at home and the pursuit of a clean house, a husband who works long hours and the pursuit of a clean house, couldn't be bothered and the pursuit of a clean house.... see it all fits.

I relented and paid for a cleaner to come to the house today and well, clean. The floors and the bathroom in particular. Well we walked in the door and the response from delightful Miss 6 and charming Mr 10? "OH MY GOD! The floor is sparkly!", "Look Mum, no dust on the floor!", "Oh Mum! The front of the dishwasher is all nice", "Woo Hoo our house is clean!"

I think about then I felt like a piece of that dust that got so efficiently vacumed and mopped away. Crappy and invisible....

All I can say is PRAISE THOSE HOUSE CLEANERS!!!!!!! Love your work.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Convention Kisses and Scrapbooking Dreams

Man talk about an awesome day! Saw all the Elsie range last night at Scrapbook Princess. I LOVE IT!!!!! The colours and papers are so very delicious. The ribbon is super divine. I - WANT - IT - ALL.

Spent the day in at the convention. P.S. Miss Richter looks fantastic! Andrea Thompson still looks super cute. I'm still feeling giddly silly because Loretta Grayson's (see layout above) class was full of 'lightbulb' moments. I am soooooooooooo envious of those ladies who are doing her other class and Ngaire's mini book class looked like heaps of fun too. I expect to see show and tell Kath.

And because Jan has inspired me to get my butt into gear to catch up on Emily's cards, I intend on spending the night carding myself away. Jan's cards are gorgeous. Mine are all slapped together with the whole 'i've-started-something-that-I-better-finish' mentality I'm feeling somewhat slack. I intend that this round of 'catch up' cards will be all Jan inspired.

Picked dad up from the city after the convention and found this cool wall while we were waiting. Kept the kids amused for 10 minutes, kept Tony happy while he was listening to the football and I got to take some photos. Happiness all round.

Have a fabulous long weekend

Thaks for reading

Briohny xxx

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The aardvark looking at the beautiful animals in the glossy magazine (ever felt like this?)

You may remember the book Jillian brought home from the library some time ago about the pig who was trying to lose weight but in the end decided that she was better the way she was and that the gym was for the bunnies and elephants. Anyway... Jillian brought home another book from the same series.

This one is about an Aardvark who does not like the way she looks so she goes to get plastic surgery to make herself beautiful, like all the other animals. But her plans are delayed when she discovers that the plastic surgeon is an aardvark too.

The pages above are an exerpt so you'd get the idea of the book.

I know to some they may be a little quetionable for children, but I got to tell you, I love them!