Sunday, March 14, 2010

The photo I never took

Here's the photo I never took, you sitting on this stool ($4) playing this guitar (freebie) singing at Recycleland with a 'sold' sign behind you and this pot ($2) on the ground 'busking' for some money. Your hair out and unkempt, skinny black jeans, singlet and boots. You definitely had 'the look' going on. I had visions of you 10 years later singing your heart out to an audience with your guitar and your stool, minus the busking pot.

As I watched you 'perform' Miley Cyrus from a distance, amused by how comfortable you looked and how carefree you were, I noticed people stopping and watching you for a brief moment before they continued on their bargain hunt, leaving either with a smile on their face or having a little chuckle to themselves. Maybe they to saw a glimpse of the future. I only wish I had a camera to capture this moment.
My wish for you dear Jilly is to always have the courage to feel comfortable in your own skin and the confidence to sing wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing.
Love you, Mum.