Sunday, October 12, 2008


A happy 35th birthday to the one, who after 11 years, still makes my heart sing.

7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins...
Number 1 being Gluttony! I spent ALL WEEKEND eating and now I'm paying for it. Good Food, Good Wine, Good Company.....yes, yes, I know, the simple pleasures of life, but I tell you


To continue my poor form, I am revealing a little of my dark side and confessing to you my 7 deadly sins.

1. Glutton - See the opening to this blog... Food, Food and Food

2. Lust - after my husband, particularly in summer when he's all bronzed and yummy

3. Greed - 'me time'

4. Sloth - lying in bed watching old episodes of Ghost Whisperer on DVD

5. Wrath - when people disrespect our natural world and fellow man kind.
6. Envy - skinny people

7. Pride - in my ability to do my job well

Combining a pinch of all the above stirred together in one melting pot I'd like it if you'd leave a comment and share your 7 sins.

I'm off to sloth on the bed and feel sorry for my gluttonous self.