Saturday, May 17, 2008

For No Reason in Particular... just because I like them.

Are you partial to collecting something over the years for no reason other than you like them? Me, I've been collecting advertising postcards since year 12. You know those free postcards with the cool images on the front of them?
I don't do anything with them, in fact they've been sitting in the same box for years. I love it when I find one of these postcards with a truly cool image on the front.
I think I'll start a new series of blog entries dedicated to some of the favourite cards from the years.
Next time you're near a City Beach, duck in and grab a postcard. Trust me, it'll make you smile.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Layouts, Shoes and Bags

The pizza boxes in the top of my cupboard had become full which meant I had to either a)

buy more pizza boxes, b) pile LO's ontop of pizza boxes c) ignore it and find somewhere else to begin piling or d) organise.

Option 'd' saw me empty my albums and the pizza boxes and decide on some sort of organisational / filing process. I ended up going by person and age, except for the family pile the christmas pile, the Tony and me pile and the my favourites pile.... The kids, for the first time, actually browsed the piles of memories.

Whilst on a role I thought I should organise my pile of shoes and bags. So we did something completely unrelated and went shopping at the Billabong factory (love that place)... stay with me, there is a connection.

I found myself another bag to which my lovely husband replied. "Great, why don't you get two and then you can put all your shoes in all your bags!". Got to love his way of thinking. I ignored the sarcasm and informed him that was an excellent idea.

Do you think this replaces the "Oh, this old thing, I've had it for ages" excuse?