Monday, February 14, 2011


January is the month where as a family we really get to relax. The craziness of December is over as the kids begin to understand the meaning of holiday. January sees us potter around the house, go to the beach, play and just chill.

January is also our wedding anniversary. This one's for you Tony. I love how you never, never, ever complain or pass comment when I ask you to do something for me. There is never any eye rolling everytime I'd like the pictures around the house changed, no groaning when I ask you to hang something from the ceiling for me - no matter how obsure the request may seem. You clarify where I'd like the picture/candle/lantern/ladder/bamboo hung and away you go. I know this may seem like a small thing but to me it's huge. The fact that you never give me a hard time about any of by creative pursuits makes me love you even more. It is so easy being with you.

I love you.

January also marks 'back to school' for all of us. This year Joshua begins year 10 and Jillian enters year 5. Joshua is currently wearing size 12 shoes and 34 inch waisted shorts. He weights 73kgs and consumes this much weight in food with a daily regularity. Jillian is a slight 32kgs and her favourite foods are still gherkins, olives and watermelon, not that she would say no to lollies or chocolate either. As time has passed the differences in lifestyle habits between you two continue to increase. While you both love the outdoors and playing sport, down time is better spent with Joshua in front of the computer, TV or ipod while Jillian can be found escaping to some far away land as a pirate, castaway, rockstar, wizard or all of the above. Joshua can't go past a steak and chips while Jillian prefers Salmon and rice.

In January I learnt alot about metaphors. I learnt that there is no easy way to get out of a waterslide tube (literally and metaphorically) and I learnt that to get struck by lightning you have to go out in the rain.

In January I spent more time with my family and friends at the movies, markets, scrapbooking and hanging out. I missed that last year.

In January, QLD was devastated by floods. We lit some candles and said a prayer. We are grateful.

In January I committed to a better year, month, by month.