Sunday, May 06, 2012

I never wanted to be an events orgaiser

It's 'Sunday morning serenity time' and while I should be greeting the morning with a walk in the park I'm finding the quiet of the study, the house and the neighbours too tempting.  I'm staying put until the children of the house let me know of their presence through TVs being turned on and the despised question of, 'What are we doing today?'  

I always feel like an events organiser on weekends.  Constantly having to devise a detailed and itemised plan of entertaining things to do for the 10 year old critical eye to pass over as she ruthlessly eliminates items off the list.  This is the beauty and the beast of having not only a Gemini child but one who was also born with a bottomless pit of energy.  I often wonder if it was 'Red Bull' through the IV drip during labour instead of pain killers.  The beauty of having an extroverted, eccentric and curious child means that 'quiet, inside play' is a rare treat for the rest of us.  

We constantly try to teach Miss Gemini about the importance of being able to 'amuse' yourself and enjoying your own company while being grateful for the outings and social occasions that occur with others.  She even wrote a list once, a double-sided page to be exact, of 'things to do to amuse myself'.  It was painstakingly developed with input from the family. Not much more came from the list other than the time it took to construct. 

Today's itinerary includes:
1. Bacon and eggs for breakfast
2. Take Joshua to football
3. Drop Tony off to 'A day on the green'
4. Go back and watch Joshua play football (Miss Gemini hates going to football and it usually involves a bribe)
5. Come home and decide what to do for the afternoon (this usually consists of a board game, play in the park or a visit to Mum and Dad's, although yesterday Miss Gemini mentioned she'd like to sew some dresses for her dolls)
6. Cook dinner
7. Watch TV
8. Get Tony from 'A day on the green'
9. Home, shower, bed

Don't fear, as mundane as this list may look it will be edited more than once to keep the troops happy.

But in the mean time - a cup of tea as the warm morning Autumn sun comes through the study doors will stay on my own list of things to do today.

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